Getting Back into Books


Since leaving my English Lit course at uni, I've really struggled to get back into reading. I think it's because of being forced to do something that makes you really not interested in doing it.

I was also waiting for a book to really grab my attention that will make me not want to put it down.

My first read was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which is a dual narrative, switching between the 1st person narrative of a husband who comes home from work to find his wife missing under suspicious circumstances, and also diary entries starting from before the incident then eventually running parallel to the husbands version of events. It's a gripping storyline that shocked me entirely. Usually in novels and films I tend to catch on to the plot twist fairly quickly and hate nothing more than knowing 'who did it'. I was pleasantly surprised by this ending and would recommend as a holiday or breaktime read.

Spurred on my the speed that I read Gone Girl, I picked up a book that I have owned since it was released on paperback, The Casual Vacancy. The reason I think that I put off actually starting this for so long was that I was worried it would completely disappoint after the high of JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. Before you read this book remember, it's a completely different genre. Although I found the plot to be relatively non climatic, she really has a way with creating complex characters. I know I've enjoyed a book when I actually miss the characters after finishing the book. Does anyone else get this? As if you've spent a high intensity week with people then go cold turkey and actually miss them? Just me? Book nutter, I know.

And then my latest read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, which had come highly recommended by Goodreads members and booktubers alike. This is a book that while, yes, I enjoyed I don't think I'd ever be inclined to pick it up again like some of my favourites (Frankenstein, The Bell Jar, The diary of Anne Frank etc). It is a dystopian novel which is one of my favourite genres but I just found this book to be a little too short, the storyline almost progressed too quickly. I'm a massive fan of indepth description and character development and Bradbury almost didn't have enough chance to really get you to connect with the protagonist.

Was that a massive book waffle? I don't really get chance to chat about what I've been reading as much anymore, but hopefully some of you will be interested or looking to find a new read.


  1. I love book chats, totally wasn't a waffle. I found it difficult getting back into reading but I'm glad I did. Gone Girl is on my to be read list x

  2. I'm definitely going to get Gone Girl for my holiday in May, I really need to read more :)
    xxx Claire

  3. Great books! I love to talk about books and am always looking for new titles to read. Beauty and books are going very well together right?