Smashbox Full Exposure Palette: First Impressions

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 Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Palette £37

I started to see this palette popping up on some of my favourite bloggers instagram feeds, and needless to say, I was sucked in. A mad dash 10 minutes before closing to my local Boots meant I was the proud owner of the very last palette in stock.

My best friend in tow, I raced home to try it for our night out in town. It looks stunning, there is no denying that it is a beautiful looking palette. The colours compliment each other so well and are also relatively unique, considering how many neutral palettes are floating around now. Also has an equal mix of mattes and shimmers, which again, sets it aside from other neutral competitors. The little brush included is actually really lovely, the end for mattes reminds me a lot of a MAC 217 and the other end is also fab for the shimmer. It's really nice that Smashbox have recognised how difficult it can be to apply shimmery shadows.

The packaging is cardboard, a lot like the original Naked 1 palette, and unfortunately because it is also matte black it means it shows dirt and finger prints and will look grubby quickly. This isn't really a palette you can throw in your handbag, it's also quite large.

I've done some some swatches first of the shimmer shades then of the mattes, and will talk through the finish etc with each photo.

L-R Matches top row L-R in palette

I was most excited about testing out these glitter shadows for my evening out clubbing. I was envisioning a super metallic glittery dramatic look, going on how shimmery they look in the pan. I used a matte as a base with MAC Painterly Paintpot underneath but with a brush or my fingers the best I could get was sheen-ey. They really are beautiful shades, and don't get me wrong I love them, but they do take a bit of work and layering to make them vibrant, opaque and give maximum glitter impact.  

I initially envisioned the top row of shadows to be purely for evening wear but there are a really even mix of lighter and darker shades that mean they are perfectly appropriate for everyday wear.

I must just add that these shadows do contain shed loads of glitter, so some fall out is inevitable. I just did my concealing after shadow and that counteracted this. 

Top to Bottom Matches bottom row L-R in palette

I'd underestimated how important it is to have a good collection of matte shadows in your collection. Now I'm not one to wear an all matte eyeshadow look, however, I do like to have a matte crease if I've got a shimmery lid colour or vise versa. I now own every single matte shade of brown that I'd ever need to accompany my other shimmer shadows. The formulation reminds me a lot of Urban Decay matte shadows in that they are slightly dusty/chalky but that is because they are very opaque. I really do think that the bottom row of mattes really make this palette.

All in all I am very glad that I got my hands on this palette (maybe even a little bit more because it seems very difficult to get your hands on at the moment) and I can see me getting lots of wear out of all of the shades. It is definitely good value for money considering you get 14 rather large shadows, a brush (and a free mascara sample at the moment) and you can get endless amounts of make-up looks out of it.

Have you got your eye on the Smashbox Full Exposure palette? I was also wondering if you'd like to see a few looks using only this palette? Also, (I promise this is the last question) seeing as this is my first experience of any Smashbox products, what else would you recommend from the brand?


  1. It seems like a really good palette particularly for the matte shades! x

  2. This looks like a great palette & all of the colours are perfect for me. I love neutral colours. I wear them most often. Its so hard to find affordable matte shades & this palette has quite a few - thats a big plus point

  3. I love the matte shades! It's a little rare to find good ones in a palette!