Sad to see it go..


Being a beauty hoarder, it's rare that a product gets completely used up. Usually I'll be head over heels in love with something until it gets forgotten for something new and more exciting that's got my attention. Ultimately, that means I rarely get the sad feeling when you are squeezing every last drop out of a product. Here are a trio of things that I am savoring.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free This was a little travel sized I ordered just to bump up my Space NK order to get free shipping. I really didn't have any expectations for this product but gosh, it's completely stolen the top spot for prolonging foundation wear. I am 100% purchasing the full size when I get paid, but until then I'm making every last drop count.

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum This has become a staple in my skincare routine. It's affordable but it really has similar benefits of higher end serums. I have used several pots of this stuff and when I saw it go on sale on the website I stocked up on two tubes, little did I know they were discontinuing the serum, otherwise I would have bought a double figure backlog. I am so, so, gutted that I am down to the last few uses of my last tube and I would literally beg the guys at Superdrug to bring it back.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum I left it for ages to try this massively hyped product because I was worried it wouldn't like up to the high expectation I had. It is often now on 1/3 off and that's all that was needed to push me over the edge. I really have enjoyed using this product but now that it is empty and I've not used it for a week or so and now I can really see the difference in my skin. I when I spot it on offer again I am definitely going to invest in another.

What product do you always get sad when it comes to the last squeeze? Have you tried any of my 'sad to see them go' products?

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