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I can't lie, on the run up to my holiday to South France I did indulge in the Sephora finder function and managed to sniff out all of the Sephoras in the surrounding area of my hotel. Top of my 'To buy' list was a foundation from Make Up For Ever. Ok, I may have came home with three but it was definitely for research purposes.. or something like that. Here's a few mini reviews.

Mat Velvet +
This is the one I had used least out of the bunch, mostly because I hadn't warmed to it as much as the other two. So in order to be fair I applied it this morning, and actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I think the main reason is that I was using it wrong, well, for the wrong purpose. This is the perfect foundation for my days off, when I don't want to apply powder and a full face of make-up like I would for my 8 hr work days. I love this with all of my creamy cream products over for a really dewy look without looking greasy.

Coverage: Medium to full
Skin type: Best for combo/oily/normal
Finish: What I'd describe as natural matt
Repurchase? I wouldn't make a specific Sephora order for it, but maybe one day.

Face & Body
This is my holiday foundation now. It is so liquid-y and sheer get still gives adequate coverage. Obviously you will draw similarities between this and the MAC equivalent. I'd say that the MAC Face and Body dries down slightly quicker than the MUFE offering, you do have to wait a few minutes for the tacky feeling to dry down, and even then I'd say you would want to set this with a powder for longevity. The MAC F&B actually broke me out really badly, but as of yet, no pesky break-outs from MUFE!

Coverage: Light buildable
Skin type: All but combo/oily use a mattifying primer & powder  
Finish: Dewy with the potential to be oily
Repurchase? Yes. Purely for holidays alone.

HD Foundation
Saved the best until last. This foundation is like nothing I've ever used before. Although its not my number one foundation, its definitely an extremely unique one. It looks amazing on camera and even in instagram photos and the thing that surprised me is that it applies like a dream and looks completely normal. I had visions of a mask-like heavy finish. But actually, it looks like skin, without powdering it feels like skin to the touch. I wouldn't be without this now for nights out and filming alone, but I'm surprisingly perfectly happy to wear this on a daily basis.

Coverage: Medium but buildable
Skin Type: All
Finish: Natural skin-like but best with powder
Repurchase? 100%

All in all, I am so happy with all three of my new foundations and slightly shocked at the standard of the MUFE range. It's really rare that I actually enjoy wearing 3 foundations from the same brand, there is more often than not a dud in the range somewhere. The range actually just strikes me as extremely well thought-out and there really is a foundation for every occasion here. Bring MUFE to the UK!

Have you tried anything from the MUFE range? Have a tempted you to make a Sephora order?

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  1. I'm desprate to try some of the Make-up Forever products, now that Sephora ship internationally I think it would be rude not too :) Great post, I'd be tempted to buy the HD foundation.
    Little Babe