Tools I Couldn't Be Without


As someone who has a pretty intense relationship with make-up, you'd be surprised how little effort I put into many other aspects of beauty. My best friend will tell you about all the times she has scorned me for having horrendously chipped nails or on the flip side, not being bothered and having completely natural nails. Likewise, I rarely do anything more than wash and condition my hair and let it air dry. But here are two handy little tools that have actually changed my life (hahaha).

Sensationail At-home Gel Nails Kit. When you work in retail, you'll understand my nail polish woes. Hangers and nail polish equals chips on the first day of application, and couple that with my laziness and disinterest and you'll get rather shoddy looking nails. I had been stalking this starter kit on the Boots website waiting for it to go on some kind of offer (these sorts of things always do) and low and behold one day I refreshed and it was down to £45. The best forty five pounds I've ever spent beautywise. Oh, and it actually protects my nails, so they have grown really well!


The application is relatively speedy, every single individual polish I've bought (seperately) have been equally easy to apply and all last the same amount of time. So lets talk what you all want to know, how long does it last? Well, like I said, a polish that would last 4 days no chips if I was on holiday would last 1 day with chips at work. I'm yet to wear this polish on a break from work yet, but at work this polish lasts 7-10 days chip free. I can't explain to you how majorly pleased I am to have this little gadget in my life and I must say that my mum and two nans are equally impressed with the at home manicures I did for them.

Babyliss Glamour Waves Curling Wand. I love my short hair, and I argue with every single person who says that you can't do as much with shorter hair. I love the way a wavy long bob looks and this little (big) curler makes the whole process much less painful and the outcome is always the same. I curl in the same direction each side, toss all of the curled hair over my shoulders and then toussel/rake through with my fingers. Then I have a lovely voluminous glamour wave look that looks like I'm a master blow-dryer.


Like with many things in life, you should always look at how a lazy person does things because often they find the shortest and easiest way to do it. Any of you lazy beauty gals leave me a comment with your favourite tools and tips for fuss-free beauty!


  1. The Babyliss Curling Wand looks so good, your hair looks lovely!

    Mia xx

  2. I love curling wands! Try rollers, they give loadsa volume and slight waves/curls :)
    alicekatex ♥

  3. Love your hair with the curling wand :) And I feel you with the nail probs, when I used to work in retail it was so frustrating!

    Faye x