Travel Beauty Essentials


If you are jetting off on a sunny holiday I think we all agree that all you really need are a few bikinis, shorts and a vest with flip flops. However, in reality often my case is stuffed full of countless dresses, heels and a make-up bag to rival that of a make-up artists kit, just in case.

On my last holiday to the French Riviera I took a really small make-up bag with only the essential things that I knew I would use on a daily basis, and I felt so liberated! (Plus if you saw my Sephora haul on my channel you'll know I needed the room in my case for all the things I wanted to bring back!!). Here is a list of my throw in your case and you'll be fine products.

Eyelash Curlers. I think really, these are the most important. When I am sunbathing during the day I really don't want to be sweating mascara down my face (gross but true) so a quick curl of the lashes makes me look less piggy and more like I've had more than 5 hrs sleep (I've not).

A 'does everything' brush. In this case it's one from my eBay set. A pointy one like this is handy as it is precise enough to do concealer yet will also put foundation on in a split second. Something like the real techniques expert face will do the same thing.

A kick ass concealer. I've obviously picked the MUFE Full Cover concealer, but something high coverage yet with also a liquid consistency means you can skip the whole three different concealers for different parts of the face. I also don't wear foundation during the day and am also sometimes to sweaty (or burnt- don't shout at me! I use SPF 50) to so something heavy duty like this is a much more natural alternative.

Eyeshadow Pencils. Yes, another mention for the By Terry Ombre blackstars, definitely the Katie Price of the beauty blogger world at the moment. I love these and lets be honest, who can be bothered faffing around with six different shadows and three brushes, blending for two hours when you could be enjoying an alcoholic beverage and some good company. (Or the buffet, always the buffet).

A matte bronzer. This is a Sephora one, but any will do, as long as there is no shimmer, unless you want to look like a disco ball in the harsher lighting. There are two reasons I deem a bronzer an essential. One is because my face is smothered in SPF 50+ kids suncream so is actually whiter when I return. I dust a bit of this on during the day with a massive brush to make me look more normal. Also, when you tan, your foundation will look too light as the evenings go on, cue: bronzer overload.

Whats the thing that you really couldn't live without on your sunny holiday? Would you be able to cope with just these things in your make-up bag?


  1. Totally agree with you about lash curlers, especially on holiday! I recently bought the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in the shade Misty Rock and I love it so can totally understand why you've included them in this post - they are a do it all product that would be perfect for travelling!
    Nicola (@itsneecola)

  2. Those By Terry eyeshadows are so pretty, I'd love to be able to treat myself to a couple. Love the look of that bronzer too. I never go anywhere without my eyelash curlers.