Trend: The Block Heel


*Firstly welcome to my newest segment of my website, its part 'new in' to my wardrobe part fashion trends. I'm yet to decide how frequent it will be and what direction it will go in but for now, here is todays post.....*

I love the look of heels and I am definitely a self proclaimed short legged gal. I am always looking for ways to lengthen the appearance of them, but I am definitely too self conscious to trot around in 6" stilettos during the day (ain't nobody got time for that!). During the winter I live in black heeled boots and my lastest count came in at 11 pairs..... So recently I've been on the hunt for a leg lengthening summer equivelent, and guess what, I found it.

The 'block heel' can be defined as a heel that is never usually more than two and a half inches high, and often similar in the width. They are incredibly easy to walk in, and a fabulous alternative to massive heels for a night out for taller girls. They add a lovely polish to an outfit and actually really to make a difference to how I feel in an outfit, they give that similar feel to when you put on your heels on a night out.

The main thing about a low heel is that they can often make you look a little frumpy. Especially with something with an ankle strap but I searched every high street shop and love these two because they don't give the stumpy cankle look.

Stay tuned to see these shoes in action in a style dairy video on my channel as they were the first things to go into my holiday suitcase....

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  1. Love the new look heels