Weekly Round-Up #2

I'm actually drafting this post mid-week as I've unexpectedly gained wifi access and needed a little break from the scorching sun in Gran Canaria. If you've got the holiday blues (or future Sophy, who will be rereading this once it goes live from miserable uk) then look away now.

The weather is stunning, food is lovely and the gym at my hotel has a glass front that overlooks the beach. Nothing better to keep me motived than this stunning view

You'll have to excuse the iPad picture but like I said, I'm still here so haven't got anyway of getting my pictures off of my slr memory card yet. I've also been filming my outfits each evening for an holiday outfits video, and have a few mirror outfit selfies from a couple of favourite outfits that I'll eventual post up here.

Life feels pretty good at the moment and the week long relaxation break has really helped me to rethink my priorities and contemplate what I really want to be doing with my life. Two days in and I'd completed the very talked about #GIRLBOSS book, and I must say, although I was a teeny bit underwhelmed (always the problem when something has so much hype surrounding it) I was left feeling motivated and inspired. Not just in a lets put pen to paper, climb that job ladder ASAP sort of way. But more so that formal qualifications and education aren't the be all and end all of career success, there are non graduates having a highly fulfilled existence just as there are grads who aren't even able to scrape an entry level role. Just because I've dropped out, I don't feel like a failure, I've succeeded in doing 'me' carving my own path and writing my own life outside of the cosy confines we call the education system. Wow, that got deep fast. 

Three things on my mind this week:

1. Things can't happen over night. Quite often you feel like you are coasting but actually if you're putting in the graft you're actually just on the path to success in what you're working towards.
2. Aldi suncream is THE BOMB. I'm an SPF obsessive and not only does Aldi do high UVB protection but they give 5* UVA protection as well. Plus they're really affordable. I've never tanned so evenly and quickly, but safely. I apply every 30 mins to an hour (yes, really. These 'one a day' creams are such an expensive con. You will burn) and I've gone the most lovely shade of bronze without the awful red lobster period. It's all about the reapplication.
3. As lovely as holidays are, they can't last forever. And you know what, that's why they are lovely. Because they're a break from your everyday life. If it became your everyday life it would be just as boring and tedious.

Lots of love

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