Weekly Round-Up


Technically this weekly round up post is a little bit of a fraud. I've yet to put any photos of my week long, life changing, dream creating holiday to Villefranche-sur-mer/Monaco with my other half.

My boyfriend is definitely not a sun bather and would much rather be wandering around a beautiful city. We completely fell in love with this place and it definitely reinforced one of the things on our 'Five year plan', which is to move abroad for a while. Lets just say we are keen to start a little moving saving fund. I've been back over a month now and I still miss it, it's the first holiday that I could have actually cried about leaving in the airport on the way home.

Three things on my mind this week:
  • Sometimes when you are feeling uninspired, you actually need to force yourself to work through it. Yes you might end up with something awful from this period but if you stop, you might just never start again.
  • I'm probably doomed to be late for everything! I tried to be early for my hair appointment but actually ended up getting confused and pulling into the car park and realising I'd misread the clock (who does that?!?!?) and got there for 1 oclock not 2. Idiot.
  • I'm such a perfectionist that no matter how many times I change something I will never be full happy with it, and as soon as something is changed, I will make more plans for how to change it again to make it better in the future. This happens all the time with my website, my room, everything really!

Love you all.

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  1. That holiday looks beautiful! I'm definitely with you on the perfectionist thing, I'm forever changing things & fretting that it doesn't look "perfect", learning to chill out & accept that not everything can be "perfect" is something I'm still certainly getting to grips with.

    Little Babe