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There are so many new generation foundations that are floating around the department store counters at the moment. If you tried to buy them all you'd be slightly crazy and a lot out of pocket. Hi. I am addicted to base products and my bank account is looking bleak because of it. Hopefully my little reviews can help you decide which ones to splash out on if you aren't feeling like buying them all like me. Or if you just want to know which to prioritise to buy first.......

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation SP15
Firstly. Longgg name. Definitely not one I'd want to spiel off over and over as a counter assistant. We will just call it Light Wonder. I didn't really know what to expect of the Light Wonder foundation in all honesty. I don't live anywhere near a CT counter, so I ordered blind online. I matched myself using reviews on blogs (I wear light 3 and am a MAC NC25/Nars Santa Fe) and OMG it is amazing. The finish is skin like and for once I don't get that 'sat on the surface' cakey look that most give. You know what I mean right? It properly blends in no matter what tool I've used to apply it, and it doesn't scrimp on coverage either. While yes I'd only class it as medium coverage at best, it just seems to do an amazing job of air brushing your complexion in a way I've never witnessed before. I am addicted to this and it's totally wet my whistle (fab little saying) for Charlotte Tilbury products.

Coverage: Light but can be built to medium
Skin Type: All, 100%
Finish: Like skin, I couldn't even say if this is matte or dewy as it just looks like my skin, but better
Repurchase? Absoloutely. This is my new favourite foundation, it's over taken the By Terry Sheer Expert for me at the moment, with that being a similar close second.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation
This was the one I had massive high hopes for. I actually was expecting this to be like the finish of the Light Wonder, but acutally it is quite different. This foundation is lovely in its own right. It is a very thin consistency, which isn't a favourite of mine as I always feel like I apply more to compensate. But this does however, make for a very light weight feel on the skin. I think where this foundation really excels is in its lasting power. It not only fairs well all day while I'm on an eight hour shift, but it still looks the same, no grease face, no cakey sides of my nose, no patchiness. Just the same as when you apply. I wear B30 the same as all other YSL foundations, it runs the same.

Coverage: Medium, build by letting a layer dry down then reapply
Skin Type: Dry skin will need a moisturising primer, everyone else should be OK
Finish: Velvety smooth
Repurchase? Not really sure at the moment, think it may be causing breakouts due to the fragrance, I'll keep you posted. (Please note my skin is very sensitive to scented products).

Have you tried one of the newer foundations on the market at the moment? Feel free to send me the link to them in the comments, I'm especially eying up the new Estee Lauder one, or maybe Dior Star.. there are way too many to choose, I'll just have to get them all right???

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