Nivea for Dehydrated Skin


Nivea Pure and Natural Moisturising Day Cream  
I stumbled across this moisturiser completely by accident. I had a sudden realisation that my skin was massively dehydrated and that the reason my make-up wasn't sitting smoothly, and my complexion looked dull was that it just needed some moisture. This was on offer and smelled nice so in my basket it went. 
Boy, am I glad. This moisturiser not only smells fresh and edible, but it gives intense moisturisation that instantly gives a smoother and brighter look to your skin. I now use this as a night time moisturiser because since my skin as cleared up and is rehydrated it can be a little heavy under make- up, for my combination skin anyway. I haven't had a single spot that was induced by this product, nor have I ever spent over £3 on it due to constant offers!

Nivea Oil-Free Moisturising Day Cream
This is the moisturiser I purchased after coming to the realisation that the Pure and Natural one mentioned above might be the reason my foundation was looking a little greasy around 3pm. I needed something that could still give me the moisture hit I needed but was designed for combination skin. It is just lovely. It feels like a middle ground between a cream (too heavy) and a gel (not heavy enough) and works perfectly as a base for any foundation that I choose to use. Again, not ever purchased one of these tubes for over £3. Bargain.

I've also used the Pure and Natural Moisturising Night Cream which was again, fabulous, especially considering the price, but at the moment it feels a little to heavy and oily for my skin, but I bet that during the depths of winter this will be usable.

Have you ever tried a product from the Nivea skincare range? I honestly can't recommend them enough, it feels so much more luxurious than the price would suggest.

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